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Beginning March 23, students in grades 6-12 will access FACTS Learning Management System for each class. Please read the following information for further instructions.

Parents and Students,

Beginning March 23 week, students in grades 6-12 will access FACTS  Learning Management System (LMS) for each class's announcements, assignments, discussions, and quizzes. Teachers will email you by Monday morning at 8 am providing information regarding their class(es). Also, be looking for teaching videos each teacher will send to you via email. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Jeanne DuBard (, or teachers with any issues you may have. 



The following information provides details for how students create their own FACTS account, which is required before they are able to login to the FACTS LMS to access class information.

1. Make sure each student has their OWN (not the parents) email address on file with the school. If they do not, email me back asap with their email address.  

2. If the student can already login to FACTS to view their grades, homework, etc., skip the rest of these directions and move to the section on how to login to FACTS LMS.

3. If the student has not created an account in FACTS to view their grades, homework, etc., go to and click the red FACTS tab in the upper right corner.

4. When the login window opens, click "Create New Family Portal Account".

5. When the new window opens, insert the District Code, which is KA-MS, and the student email address.

6. The student will receive an email to create a username and password. 

***Students with accounts have had difficulty logging in; however, create a username that does not include the portion (for example, if the email address is, create a username like jwatts), and it will work.

7. Once a username and password has been created, go back to and click the red FACTS tap in the upper right corner. Log in using the district code, username, and password, and click the Students tab.



1. Go to and click the red FACTS tab in the upper right corner.

2. When the login window opens, click "Forgot Username/Password".

3. When the new window opens, put in the district code (KA-MS) and your email address.

4. You will get an email to reset your information to enable you to login again.



1. Go to and login using the SAME credentials used to login to FACTS to see grades, homework, etc.



1. Once you are logged into FACT LMS, you will see your courses in boxes. To view a class, click the course title.

2. When the new window opens, you will see the class calendar on the left, announcements in the middle, and topics on the right. To view the topics for next week, March 23, click the topic(s) there. Once clicked, another box will open below the main topic. Click there.

3.When the new window opens, you will see the Topic Calendar to the right. To view any assignment there, click the title of the assignment. 

***For this week, you will participate in one discussion, one assignment, and one quiz per class. Be sure to manage your time effectively throughout this week and pay attention to assignment due dates. If you need help navigating a particular area of the LMS, please reach out to the teacher of that class.



To send a scanned, single or multi-page pdf document from your IPhone:

1. Click to open the Notes app on your phone (looks like a yellow, legal notepad).

2. Click on the bottom right corner to open the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pen over the middle of the paper.

3. A new, blank note will open. Click on the camera icon.

4. Click “Scan Documents”.

5. Position the documents in view of the cell phone camera so that a picture will automatically be taken (you do not need to press the button to take the picture) by holding your phone over the single piece of paper.

6. If you only have one page to scan, you may click “Save” after scanning that page. However, if you have more than one page, do not press save. Remove the first page you scanned and replace it with the next page (back of that page or another sheet) and continue positioning your cell phone over each page (one at a time without saving yet) until all pages have been scanned. Once all pages have been scanned, click “Save”. This document is now save to your Notepad as a pdf document.

7. You may email this document to yourself, students, or parents by then clicking the icon that looks like a piece of paper with an arrow coming out of the top within the upper right corner.

8. Once you have clicked this icon, you can choose “Mail” and type in your email address (this is what I suggest doing) so that you will have the document in your email to then disseminate to students, parents, etc. from your email and have the option to save this document to your computer from your email. 

**If you have an Android, download Genius app to scan documents.  




3. Genius Scan app for Android devices

4. Cspire is offering free wireless access to approved learning sites:

5. Download the Zoom app. You do not have to create an account to have a live meeting with your teacher if you have questions, need guidance on assignments, etc. Just email your teacher, and they will share their Zoom Personal Meeting ID with you or invite you to a Zoom meeting.


We are here to help you during this transition. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Jeanne DuBard, or teachers for assistance. Together we can not only survive, but continue to thrive in these challenging times.




Jay Watts