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Counselor's Corner

kirk academy school counselor

Dr. Jeanne DuBard

School Counselor

(662) 226-7577




I am excited to serve Kirk Academy as Counselor! Graduating from high school and planning for college is a fun time for seniors. I hope the following information will be useful in your planning. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions or for assistance in planning for high school graduation and entrance into college.

Community Service Hours Requirement

Kirk Academy requires 75 community service hours prior to graduation. There are many opportunities offered by Kirk Academy and throughout the community to earn service hours.

Holmes Community College Dual Enrollment

Kirk Academy offers dual enrollment courses through Holmes Community College to challenge advanced students and provide an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit. To learn more about dual enrollment, visit Holmes Community College’s dual enrollment website by clicking the link below.

To be eligible for financial aid or scholarships, seniors must fill out a Federal Student Aid (FASFA) application. FASFA opens October 1! Click here to learn how to apply for financial aid.

kirk academy school counselor

For information about MTAG, MSEG, the Nissan Scholarship, and more visit the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid website by clicking the link below.

kirk academy school counselor

To view college admission requirements, visit Rise Up, Mississippi’s website by clicking on the image below.

kirk academy school counselor

Visit the Get2College website by clicking the link below for assistance in planning for college, ACT workshops, financial aid and scholarship information, career information, and much more.

kirk academy school counselor