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Our Faculty and Staff

All faculty members of Kirk Academy are certified through the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools  (MAIS) with 40% of the faculty holding advanced degrees.


Headmaster Jay Watts

Elementary School Principal

Crissy Harrison
Head Football Coach/Dean of Students Mike Beagle
Guidance Counselor/Academic Dean Dr. Keri Tawater


Jo Ann Stephenson Business Office
Mindy Beckham  Business Office
Stephanie Ralston Elementary  Secretary
Jo Lynn Mims Secondary Secretary


K4 Kim McWhorter 
K3 Sherryl McWhorter
K5 Linda Darby


1st Grade Nancy Denley
2nd Grade Janice Davis
3rd Grade Amy Clements

3rd Grade Angie McElwrath
4th Grade Debra Arrington
4th Grade Kitty Hill
5th Grade Nell Livingston
5th Grade Freda Weir
Art Allyson Worsham
P.E. Gini Allbritton
Librarian Kitty Hill


Denise Boxx 6th and 7th Reading and English
Jacob Carpenter 6th PE, 6th and 7th grade History, Ms History,  Junior High and High School Football
Lillian Hayward 6th History, 7th and 8th grade English, Student Council Sponsor
Dana Hollingsworth 6th and 7th Math ,Pre-Algebra and Algebra I,
Jan Dean Wortham 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science


Dr. Cannon  Beissel A & P
David Matusiak Apologetics, Adv Math, Honors Geometry, Trigonometry

Mike Beagle Head Football Coach
Robin Chastain 6th grade PE, U.S. History, Ms History, Gov't/Economics, Junior High and High School Girls Basketball
Debbie Dambrino Biology I and Honors Biology
Benny McLendon Ms History, World History Junior High and High School Football and Track
Amanda Mabry English I, II, III, and IV
Anna Parker Perkins Biology II, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physics, Robotics, College Algebra

Sharon Tartt Spanish I, II, and 8th Grade Computer
Anissa Wilkinson Dual Enrollment English III/IV, Honors English I and II
Billie Young  Algebra I and II; Geometry; Advanced Math; Calculus
Allyson Worsham Art Appreciation