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Update: Email notifications from Coach Watts

Copy of email that was sent to KA families Friday. If your student did not receive this email, please email Coach Watts and let him know at

Parents and Students,

I am sending this email as a "test".  We want to make sure that parents and their student(s) receive this communication.  If students do not receive, I am asking that parents reply to this message and let me know.  We have received and entered many email addresses in the past 24 hours and I want to make sure we entered them correctly.  

I ask that you check your email often this weekend.  We plan to send login instructions, helpful sights, and other information this weekend.  Our intention is to begin remote instruction on Monday.  

I would also like to express my appreciation and my admiration for our teachers and staff at Kirk Academy.  They have been amazing this week as they have prepared to ATTACK this challenge.  That is exactly what they have done. Many hours have been spent working on preparing to continue to educate our students. It has been necessary for most to exit comfort zones and learn new things in an extremely short period of time and they have embraced that challenge.  Our teachers have done this because they love our students and they are called to be educators.   So proud of them!!

We will have bumps in the road as we begin this journey.  We will work as hard as we can to smooth them.  We ask for your patience and your prayers in the days ahead.  As always, please know that if you have any issues you can contact me by email and I will diligently work to help you through them.

Thank you all for your texts and expressions of encouragement and for your prayers. 

May God continue to bless you

 Jay Watts