Board of Trustees

Kirk Academy 2024-2025 Board of Trustees

Josh Mattox, President

Chuck Rose, Vice President

 Slade Redwine, Secretary

Phillip Brown, Treasurer

Allen Cravens

Rusty Mims

Why We Love KA

Josh Mattox

“I love Kirk Academy because it provides an environment where faith, knowledge, and character intertwine. From dedicated teachers to a close-knit community, Kirk Academy shapes not only minds but also hearts, preparing students for a purposeful life beyond the classroom and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Chuck Rose

“I love Kirk Academy because of its Christian education and small school atmosphere that gives students opportunities to thrive Academically and Athletically.”

Slade Redwine

“I love the closeness and the opportunities that Kirk provides. Opportunities that many times are just not available to students who are in a larger setting.”

Phillip Brown

Allen Cravens

“I love Kirk Academy for the Christian environment that was created by the Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches. During my time as a student, I was pushed to be better, loved, and given countless opportunities to make an impact on my school and my community.”

Rusty Mims

“I love Kirk Academy most for its Christian-oriented atmosphere. From the Bible verses on the wall in the elementary school to chapel and prayer in school and at every school event, our administrators, teachers, and coaches aspire to provide a Christian environment for our children to come into every day. This means so much to me, and I truly feel that our faculty is like family. Each faculty member genuinely cares about all of our children and truly do their best to teach and promote learning and growth in every area to prepare them for the future.”